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In recent years, a warm climate has made it possible to produce especially white wines in Denmark. The location at Norsminde Fjord along with the soil conditions here provide the optimal conditions for producing sparkling wines according to the champagne method. 

We present the vintages Y3, Y4, and Y5, representing the very best of Danish sparkling wines. The sparkling Y-wines from Norsminde rank among the best in the world with a unique crispness, fine bubbles, elegance, and sublime notes. Both pallet and nose will register notes of oyster shell, flint, and citrus. 

The landscape was shaped by the deglaciation that occurred in the wake of the latest glacial period and consists of a fertile mix of moraine and sandy soils. The area around Norsminde rose 2.5 m as a result of the ice melt, which means that the vines are now able to root in a special soil composed of oyster beds, later cultural strata, and flint. Soil and climate conditions provide the perfect environment for wine growing. The first vines were planted in 2008 and the first grape harvest took place in 2012. The vintages names are a combination of Year + harvest number. We are now able to present Y3, Y4, and Y5. 

We wanted to make high-quality ‘bubbles’ according to the champagne method, so we involved the world’s leading oenologist, Richard Smart, in the work to establish the vineyards and the production plant. He agreed on the condition that the wines were produced according to the champagne method, as he believed the soil and climate conditions to be optimal for sparkling wines. Wine specialists were brought in from the Hochschule Geisenheim University in Rheingau, Germany.

Jørn Senger, founder of Bonzo

The grapes used for the Norsminde sparkling wines

We use Solaris as our principal grape supported by Frühburgunder and supplemented by several other varieties.

  • An early maturing variety with high frost resistance. Adds a fruity and sweet aroma with a hint of hazelnuts. Medium acidity. Excellent for the northern climate and results in wines with reduced sugar content ideal for fish, seafood, or chicken.

  • Frühburgunder. An early Pinot Noir cloned in 1960. An excellent grape with a sweetness well suited to cool climates.

  • Müller-Thurgau. White grape made by crossing Riesling with Madeline Royale. Adds an aromatic flavour that becomes prominent in cool climates. The grape retains a suitable sweetness. A crisp and fine grape just perfect for bubbles.

  • Muscat Ottonel. Created in the Loire district in 1852 by crossing Chasselas with Muscat de Saumur. First grown in the Alsace where it still represents one of the Muscat varieties; here simply known as Muscat. Aromatic without much acidity.


First vinification: we strive to attain the optimal base product and the pressing is done by top experts. We only press forty per cent of the juice so as to avoid the bitterness from the last part of the pressing. 

Second vinification: Experts use the old ’hand-held’ method of producing champagne where individual bottles are shaken and treated very carefully after fermentation until the final product is ready. 

The result is an extremely high wine quality able to match the very best sparkling wines in the world. We get the best results from what we have available to us: grapes growing on the very edge of what is actually possible, drawing strength and flavour from Stone Age grit, flint, and oyster beds and the subsequent cultural strata. The result is particularly fine sparkling wines distinguished by their crispness, elegance, and sublime notes.

Each product in general

Sparkling wines produced according to the champagne method. The grapes are a blend of Solaris, Frühburgunder, Müller-Thurgau Auxerrois, and Muscat Ottonel; Solaris and Frühburgunder being the principal grapes. Grown on fields sloping towards Norsminde Fjord on soils composed of oyster beds, flint, and a Stone Age fjord bed with subsequent cultural strata. Crisp and elegant wines with fine bubbles and mineral notes. Flavour and nose with traces of oyster shell, flint, and citrus. 

All bottles carry handwritten, individual labels.




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